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Past Assam Administration

In 1874 (2nd February), Assam was separated from the Bengal Presidency, and its status was upgraded to a Chief Commissioner's Province by merging Goalpara, Cachar, Sylhet (12 Sept), Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Lushai and Naga Hills.

The Ahom kingdom on the border of the Mughal Empire, 1665.
Source: Habib, 1992. p.13A.

In 1905, Bengal was partitioned on administrative convenience. East Bengal and Assam with capital Decca governed by a Lieutenant Governor and and West Bengal with capital-Calcutta was formed.

Assam under the jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner, 1875.
Source: India Against Itself - Sanjib Baruah 1996. page 23

1905: Agitation against partition of Bengal.

In 1912, East Bengal was re-incorporated into the Bengal Presidency, and Assam was again governed by a Chief Commissioner on behalf of Governor General in Council.

In 1921, the Chief commissionership was upgraded to Governors’ province under the provisions of Section 3 of Government of India Act, 1919 with effect from 3rd January 1921.

In 1921, the Governor General in Council by notification declared hill districts and frontier tracts in the province of Assam to be backward tracts and directed that the Government of India Act in its application to the said territories is subject to certain exemptions and modifications.

Eastern Bengal and Assam with Bhutan.

Hills and Barak Valley

From the Constitution of the Assam province in 1874 to 1880 there were no Commissioners in Assam. In June 1880 the Judge of the Assam Valley Districts was invested generally with the powers of a Commissioner of a Division in Bengal. It was subsequently found necessary to relieve the Commissioner of his judicial functions and in 1902 the separate appointment of Judge of the Assam Valley Districts was created.

In October 1905, a Second Commissionership was created for the Surma Valley and Hill Districts Division. This includes the Districts of Sylhet and Cachar and all the hill districts except Garo hill District which was included within the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Assam Valley Districts from the 1st September 1909. (Source: Report on the administration of North East India)

After Independence, the Designation of this office has been changed over time as shown in the table below.

1955 May Commissioner of Hills Division and Appeals
1965 to 1979 Commissioner of Hills Division and Cachar
1983 to till date Commissioner of Hills and Barak Valley Division: Assam


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